Review: 'Ed Harcourt'


Here Be Monsters," Ed Harcourt's Capitol debut, takes its title from a warning on early maps, cautioning sailors from uncharted territory. Tacking on current pop trade winds, he drifted off into some…


Pact recording sesh


Negotiators for AFTRA and major record labels will launch talks Thursday in Gotham on a sound recordings contract, seven weeks prior to the June 30 expiration of the current pact.

Review: 'Sparta'


Following the unexpected split last year of rising Texas rock band At the Drive-In has come the recent emergence of two compelling and distinct new groups in its place, the fusion-minded Mars Volta…

New tune for labels


Major labels Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment have sold off an 85% stake in direct-mail retailing giant Columbia House to Gotham-based investment group Blackstone Capital Partners at a…

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