Dead survivors plan tour


In the wake of two sold-out shows that attracted 30,000 fans per day in Wisconsin, the surviving members of the Grateful Dead -- joining forces for the first time since the death seven years ago of…


Review: 'Porcupine Tree'


Progressive rock's once-searing fire may be a bit dulled these days, but Porcupine Tree's embers are glowing brighter than the rest of the bunch. The veteran band recently embarked on a rare American…

Review: 'Alicia Keys'


Alicia Keys' current dilemma -- figuring out how to fill up nearly two hours of stage time with only a single album of material under her belt -- is not a unique one. Acts such as Hootie and the…

Review: 'Avril Lavigne'


In theory, the 17-year-old Montreal native is the thinking-girl's Britney Spears, but judging by Avril Lavigne's platinum-selling Arista debut "Let Go," that really only holds true if one considers…

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