Review: 'The Wiggles'


To parents worldwide, the Wiggles are more important than Dr. Spock. Four chaps from Australia have turned catchy tunes and primary colors into essential child-rearing tools and, along the way, have…


Review: 'moe.'


For years, Buffalo, N.Y.'s moe. has been seen in the jam-band world as second-to-one, constantly living in the shadow of arena-rock titans Phish. This year, though, the band made a huge step forward…

Review: 'X'


At first blush, X seems an odd choice to book on Valentine's Day. Their music does not so much celebrate love as chronicle a troubled relationship -- songs such as "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline,"…

ASCAP's royal flush


The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers boosted its royalty distributions to members by almost 15% to $587 million last year, boosted by rate settlement that provided almost $80…

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