Jazz legend Brown dies


Ray Brown, the jazz bassist who redefined the way the instrument is played in bebop and swing while backing Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald, died Tuesday in Indianapolis. Brown…

Nellyville sells well


Welcome to Nellyville, population 714,114. That's how many copies of St. Louis rap superstar Nelly's latest LP flew off the shelves last week, making "Nellyville" (Universal) the undisputed leader on…

Review: ‘The Who’


The incredible atmosphere Monday at the Hollywood Bowl -- where the surviving members of the Who opened their delayed U.S. tour -- made for a truly unforgettable experience. The opening chords struck…

Sony’s country club


Sony/ATV Music Publishing had a lot more country tunes to croon Tuesday after it paid $157 million to acquire the storied Acuff-Rose music publishing catalog from Nashville-based leisure and resort…

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