Review: 'Marty Stuart'


Marty Stuart is a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll. But unlike Donny and Marie, and countless alt-country wannabes, he manages to reconcile the two facets without compromising either.

Review: 'Yo La Tengo'


A large part of the Hoboken, New Jersey trio Yo La Tengo's appeal comes from the deep connection they have forged with their audience. When they shuffle onto the Henry Fonda Theater's stage and plug…

Review: 'The Fall'


The Fall doesn't get to Los Angeles much.. And let's face it, they've never been known as paragons of consistency. But at the Echo Friday night, Los Angeles got to experience one of the seminal…

Review: 'Tracy Chapman'


When a performer is known as a singer-songwriter, the expectation is that when they perform, their singing and their songs will take precedence. That was not the case at Tracy Chapman's Wiltern…

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