Review: ‘Harold Budd’


At 67, with his 23rd album freshly pressed, ambient music maverick and pianist Harold Budd is in a somber mood. Alone at a baby grand that filled most of the Largo stage, Budd proffered six…

Review: ‘Steely Dan’


For guys once known for their aversion to touring, Steely Dan leaders Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have gotten downright comfortable on stage. (This just might be the only band that's toured more…

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Global dirge heard


Illegal file-swapping and other commercial piracy continues to eat into global music sales, says recording industry body the IFPI, which Wednesday reported that world sales of recorded music sales…

Review: ‘Boz Scaggs’


In recent years, standards have become the last refuge of the aging rocker, but it's a match generally not made in heaven. Boz Scaggs, however, has made the segue more effectively than most, in part…

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