Review: ‘James Taylor’


Few performers are as soothingly engaging as James Taylor, and he has again carefully prepared and presented his body of work in an enticing, if not electrifying, fashion. He keeps it simple, easing…

Grammy org ups Madsen


Kristen Madsen has been promoted to senior VP and appointed to oversee the Grammy Foundation and the MusiCares Foundation as part of a shift in the structure of the Recording Academy.

Review: ‘Lizz Wright’


The comparisons to legendary jazz singers preceded Lizz Wright's arrival on record, and while her debut "Salt" is a stylistic amalgam like Norah Jones' debut, she hasn't been able to slide out of the…

Review: ‘Beulah’


The lighthearted Beulah song "Silver Lining" describes the San Francisco band's essentials: songs about broken hearts tinged with punk but more informed by intelligent pop and laced with the strains…

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