Review: ‘Black Flag’


Legendary punk band "reunited." "Reunited" must be in quotes as the show was not as advertised. For the first third, the music dated from outside the time frame in the ad -- and for most of the…


Review: ‘Earl Thomas’


Earl Thomas is the soul music discovery of 2003. His latest recording, "Soul'd!," on the young yet first-rate Memphis Intl. label, is a reminder that great Southern music informed by gospel and the…

Gotham’s kudos stetson


Care to add a little twang on that next rendition of "New York, New York"? The Country Music Assn. is considering a proposal to move its Country Music Awards to New York City from Nashville in 2005…

Review: ‘Liz Phair’


Nobody will ever accuse Liz Phair of being a dynamic performer. Her appearance at the Avalon had all the appeal of watching someone give a deposition. (In fairness, it should be noted that this is an…

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