Review: 'John Cale'


The concept of finding beauty in the ugliest parts of life isn't exactly a new one, but few rock artists have mined it as stunningly as John Cale, who's spent the better part of four decades picking…


Review: 'Rokia Traore'


Rokia Traore's career belies the notion that you can't go home again. The 30-year-old singer was born in Mali but spent most of her formative years in Europe with her diplomatically connected family…

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Radios & royalties


After three years of negotiations that almost led them to court, songwriters' org ASCAP has reached a nine-year deal with the radio biz worth a record $1.7 billion in royalties.

Review: 'Nancy Sinatra'


Growing up with Frank Sinatra as your dad had to provide a front-row seat to showbiz longevity. And Nancy Sinatra was taking notes; her appearance at the Knitting Factory showed her to be the rare…

Review: 'Caetano Veloso'


Some things just don't translate well. Although Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso spent most of his Wednesday concert at UCLA's Royce Hall speaking (and singing) in Portuguese, he declined to translate…

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