Review: 'Dresden Dolls'


The Dresden Dolls have made a name for themselves in the Northeast with what they call their "Brechtian punk cabaret." This is one case where a band's self-description actually corresponds to the…


Review: 'Le Tigre'


Halfway through the second night of Le Tigre's packed-to-the-brim two-night run at El Rey, the three video screens flanking the stage showed a moving collage of pop culture images. Missy Elliot gave…

Review: 'Jane Birkin'


Spirits and ghosts inhabit Jane Birkin's "Arabesque": her mother (who died in June); her nephew Anno, killed in a car crash at the age of 20; andSerge Gainsbourg, her ex-husband and musical…

Review: 'Wilco'


A small beach ball landed at the feet of Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy early in Thursday's set. Whoever tossed it had written a message regarding the band's 10th anniversary, which Tweedy acknowledged and…

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