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Tune pirates on run


The RIAA's lawsuits against digital pirates have led a to a decrease in the number of people illegally trading music online -- but they are pushing the most dedicated downloaders onto new…

Review: ‘Kid Rock’


Kid Rock's newest Atlantic album (titled, simply, "Kid Rock") finds the Detroit musician behaving much more seriously then his reputation would have you believe. It's almost a relief, then, that his…

Review: ‘David Bowie’


David Bowie's fifth L.A. perf in three months was a bit of a puzzler. For every positive note, something else nagged -- his voice was gorgeous and powerful, but too much of the material was subpar…

Review: ‘Morrissey’


It's rare when a single moment from a concert perfectly encapsulates a performer, but one occurred during the opening show of Morrissey's five-night stand at L.A.'s Wiltern. To be granted access to…

Song sung blue for EA?


In the first sign of trouble for the growing use of major label music on videogame soundtracks, EMI is suing publisher Electronic Arts, alleging that it used 20 of its songs without obtaining proper…

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