Review: 'Teen Girl'


Cast Theatre playwright-in-residence Justin Tanner may have come up with the ultimate coming-of-age story in "Teen Girl." Set one evening in late-'70s Salinas, story finds innocent high-schooler…

Review: 'Tiger Lady'


Notorious '30s murderer Winnie Ruth Judd is subject of this world-premiere taut drama by local playwright Layce Gardner. Star Paige O'Hara, best known as voice of Belle in Disney's "Beauty and the…


Review: 'Salome'


Al Pacino's entrance in "Salome" is a garish onslaught of black and gold silk robes, oversize jewelry and facial make-up that can best be described as depraved. Pacino's over-the-top Herod is…

Review: 'Weird Romance'


Musical numbers: "Weird Romance,""Stop and See Me,""That's Where We Come In, ""Feeling No Pain,""Pop! Flash!,""Amazing Penetration,"'Eyes That Never Lie, ""Worth It,""Eyes That Never Lie" (reprise)…

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