'Cats' bows in Denmark


The popular Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Cats" will make its Scandinavian debut next season at Copenhagen's remodeled Det Ny Theater. Pundits believe the city's mostly state-supported legit scene is…

Review: 'Baby Jane'


Blanche Ulrika Malmgren Fanatical devotees of the camp classic film will no doubt find it amusing to watch this offbeat adaptation of the story, though they may be put off by the fact that virtually…


Review: 'Nunsense'


Barry Axtell's inspired set shows a high school auditorium stage, prepared for the musical "Grease," in loving detail. Jon Gottlieb's sound design delivers crisply, as does the live band. Paul…

Review: 'The Frogs'


The Frogs" is one Stephen Sondheim musical that did not have legs. The comedic adaptation of the Aristophanes classic has had only three revivals since its 1974 premiere -- the most recent of which…

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