Review: '17 Days'


In a moving, often humorous family drama about three sisters and their younger brother, first-time playwright Rick Garman strikes an emotional mother lode in "17 Days." Although the play is one of…


Review: 'Ondine'


The myth-based plays of Jean Giraudoux surely rank among the most difficult works a theater troupe can tackle. This fragile material must be presented with the utmost earnestness, but with a…

Review: 'In Progress'


Shattuck's energetic characters and situations, while contemporary, seem torn from the pages of '30s screwball comedies. When novelist Cliff (Tommy Hinkley) and screenwriter Haley (Shattuck) team up…

Opera sizzles in Santa Fe


At a time when opera companies throughout America are trimming budgets to the bone, cutting back on plans for major new productions, and, in general, just hoping to survive, Santa Fe Opera continues…

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