Review: 'Here'


If there's a lesson to be learned from "Here," the new play by Michael Frayn, it's to beware of plays featuring lengthy debates about the word "inauthentic"-- especially when one character applies…


Review: 'Ondine'


The myth-based plays of Jean Giraudoux surely rank among the most difficult works a theater troupe can tackle. This fragile material must be presented with the utmost earnestness, but with a…

Review: 'In Progress'


Shattuck's energetic characters and situations, while contemporary, seem torn from the pages of '30s screwball comedies. When novelist Cliff (Tommy Hinkley) and screenwriter Haley (Shattuck) team up…

Review: 'Duran Duran'


Duran Duran is back on tour after four years, and musically it's stronger than ever. The concert, which sold out in just 18 minutes, was filled with a long string of hits, keeping the audience on its…

Review: '17 Days'


In a moving, often humorous family drama about three sisters and their younger brother, first-time playwright Rick Garman strikes an emotional mother lode in "17 Days." Although the play is one of…

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