Review: 'Misalliance'


It's the clash of British social classes that provides George Bernard Shaw's 1910 comedy with its title. But for the period costumes in this precise, stylish and funny production, the play could take…


Review: 'Midnight Oil'


Politics, some say, flatten the verve of entertainment, but not in Midnight Oil's case. Playing in support of its new Columbia album "Earth and Sun and Moon ," the Australian band kept concertgoers…

Review: 'Company'


"Company" is one of those little-seen masterpieces of the American musical theater -- a rarely revived show whose reputation rests largely on its original cast album. The Long Beach Civic Light…

Review: 'Iggy Pop'


Pop (ne James Osterberg ) tore through music from his two recent Virgin albums, "Brick by Brick" and the current "American Caesar," as well as songs that ran the gamut of his long, strange and…

Review: 'Bernadette Peters'


It took Tony Award-winning song stylist Bernadette Peters about two minutes before she had the audience at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts eating out of her hand. She entered as a blaze…

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