Disney's Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" had ticket sales of $ 603,494 on April 19, breaking the record for ticket sales on the day after opening, as was noted in Thursday's Daily…

Review: ‘Falstaff’


Verdi drew his "Falstaff" from Shakespeare's "Merry Wives," but before the forces at Long Beach succeeded in getting the opera onto a stage, several other Shakespearean sources also seem to have been…

Review: ‘Picnic’


"Picnic" is a natural for reviving in these revival-crazy times, and it's hard to believe that William Inge's charged yet lyrical evocation of small-town despair and frustration hasn't had a Broadway…

Short Takes


NBC will letterbox four musical numbers from "The Sound of Music" when it rebroadcasts the movie this Sunday, marking the first time a network has done so televising a feature.

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