Review: 'Ruthless!'


What's the theatrical equivalent of "inside the Beltway?" Whatever the correct phrase, it applies to "Ruthless!," a successful but in-jokey Off-Broadway musical that is likely to appeal to a rather…

Review: 'Squeeze'


It's hard to believe, after watching veteran band Squeeze play a near-flawless show at the Wiltern, that the group has never achieved a success greater than the rabid cult following that it…


Review: 'Wildest Dreams'


"We mustn't get fun muddled up with life," Hazel Inchbridge (Brenda Blethyn) chirpily opines near the start of "Wildest Dreams" in one of many priceless moments in Alan Ayckbourn's 42nd play. But…

Review: 'Gray's Anatomy'


Cambodia notwithstanding, the primary if unstated subject of Spalding Gray's monologues is always Gray himself, his obsessions, fascinations and wonderfully wry perspectives on all that touches him…

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Foreign-language Oscar winners “Day for Night” (1973) and “Cinema Paradiso” ( 1989) will be screened in a double feature Dec. 17 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Samuel Goldwyn…

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