Review: ‘Candide’


Leonard Bernstein never seemed completely satisfied with "Candide," which he hoped would be the great American opera. After its first New York production in 1956, he collaborated on seven other…

Review: ‘Suburbia’


"I'm fucking alienated," proclaims the closest thing to a hero in "subUrbia," Eric Bogosian's foray into twentysomething angst. Even ignoring the jarring fact that truly alienated 20-year-olds…

Review: ‘Grease’


The draw for this revival of the fifth-longest-running show in Broadway history is Rosie O'Donnell, and perhaps it's fitting that an actress about to open on the big screen as Betty Rubble in "The…

Review: ‘Passion’


Passion" is a great, great show. Not just because Stephen Sondheim has finally approved the notion of love as more than a conjugating verb, though that is certainly the show's chief revelation.

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