Review: ‘Stomp’


Turning push brooms, Zippo lighters, plastic bags, and even kitchen sinks into instruments of fascinating rhythm, the Brit beat-niks performing under the collective title "Stomp" should tap onto the…


Review: ‘Eclipse’


This largely autobiographical play tells a story of love and friendship between two women, and includes a very frank look at lesbianism and alcoholism. After sinking into heroin and alcohol…

Short Takes


The national touring production of “The Who’s Tommy,” which begins a three-week run July 13 at the Universal Amphitheatre, has racked up nearly $ 1 million in advance ticket sales. The show brought…

Review: ‘Mother’Son’


Though the piece is sprinkled with unexpected humor, it is not exactly an enjoyable experience. It is, however, hard to shake. Barry's imagery may be blunt -- having Mom wave a cucumber at her son…

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