Review: 'My Fair Lady'


Stripped almost entirely of its romanticism and honed to a provocative post-Modern edge, Howard Davies' staging of "My Fair Lady" delivers a jolt to those in search of a comforting throwback to Moss…

Review: 'Mazzy Star'


AMazzy Star concert is more of a music recital than a standard rock show. The moody, modern psychedelic band is often accused -- and is actually quite guilty -- of doing little more, musically, than…


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Lloyd Webber's in pix


As L.A. awaits the imminent opening of his new musical based on a classic Hollywood film, Andrew Lloyd Webber said Tuesday he is setting out to become a movie mogul himself.

Short Takes


Sharon Gless will play twin sisters Betty Gay Wilson and Peggy Joy Lowe in the fact-based CBS movie “Separated by Murder,” which begins production Jan. 24 from the Larry Thompson Organization. The…

Review: 'Carpa Clash'


Comedy trio Culture Clash has risen from San Francisco street theater to become darlings of Los Angeles's cultural elite to -- probably somewhere between those extremes -- a weekly series on Fox…

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