Review: 'Damn Yankees'


After a string of failures and no-shows, the Marquis Theater finally has a tenant deserving of a long run, and in a winter that just won't quit, this high-spirited, warmhearted "Damn Yankees" comes…




The spring season got under way March 3 with the opening of "Damn Yankees," and it looks like the revival will test not only the impact on the box office of a pay-per-view telecast but the impact on…

Season box office totals


Week 42 (March 14 to March 20, 1994) Current 1992-93 1983-84 BROADWAY Season Season Season Shows playing last week 22 17 18 Total playing weeks to date 796 802 858 Theater occupancy last week 62.8%…

Biz up; 'Yanks' 406g


With two big musicals on deck and the sure-fire shows filling houses once again, receipts jumped during Week 42 (March 14-20). The plump roster drew $ 6,834,821, an 8.6% rise from the previous week.

  1. 1
  2. 2,546
  3. 2,547
  4. 2,548
  5. 2,549
  6. 2,550
  7. 2,642