Review: 'King Lear'


Adrian Hall's staging of "King Lear" with F. Murray Abraham is a stripped-down, austere affair that, for all its lucidity, neither touches the heart nor rattles the soul as this play must. It's…

Review: 'West Side Story'


A mere four decades ago, "West Side Story" burst onto Broadway, astounded (and sometimes intimidated) its first audiences with its raw, passionate energy, and eventually made its way into masterpiece…


Review: 'Ben Harper'


Ben Harper is an anomaly. An instinctive, mature performer whose acoustic-roots guitar makes him seem like an old soul at 26, this Inland Empire native's '93 debut, "Welcome to the Cruel World,"…

Review: 'Otello'


At 57 -- not all that old for a dramatic tenor -- Russian tenor Vladimir Atlantov has no reason to be singing so badly: the voice forced into an almost constant rasp, the pitch variable to the point…

Review: 'Cabaret'


For all audiences whose memories are too deeply engraved with images and performances from the original stageand film versions of "Cabaret," Prague's enfant terrible, director Petr Lebl, whips up a…

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