Review: 'Show Boat'


Garth Drabinsky proved me wrong, first by bringing "Show Boat" to Broadway 18 months ago -- when the spectacular Harold Prince production premiered in Toronto , I mused in these pages that only an…

Review: 'Bus Stop'


Does "Bus Stop" merit a cast this good, a production this solid? A list of plays more deserving of resurrection than William Inge's high school auditorium chestnut could be compiled at a moment's…


Review: 'You and Me'


Hughie (Gary Imhoff) and Russell (Dan Sachoff) met in kindergarten and have been best friends since. Hughie is the gung-ho, upbeat one, while Russell is the worried dreamer. They are an odd couple…

Review: 'Rent'


There are grimmer tasks than apologizing for dead artists, but still it's something of a relief to report that "Rent" is the most sensational musical in maybe a decade, one of the rare attempts at…

Review: 'The Tempest'


As a vehicle to show off American Conservatory Theater's post-quake Geary Theater home, one could hardly hope for a more technically spectacular shown than artistic director Carcy Perloff's new…

Review: 'Julius Caesar'


Corin Redgrave develops a relentless pace and a powerful sense of impending cataclysm in his staging of "Julius Caesar," playing in repertory with "Antony and Cleopatra" through Feb. 11.

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