Review: 'Big River'


Helmer Jeff Calhoun has accomplished a near-seamless interplay of speaking and signing performers in Deaf West's staging of "Big River," the ambitious 1985 Tony Award-winning adaptation of Mark…

Review: 'The Homecoming'


It's the rare play indeed that, decades after its premiere, can still shock you. Most plays lose their bite, relying as they do on violating their era's social mores. Society changes, people become…


Review: 'Xanadu Live'


Some delightfully good bad acting -- harder to pull off than you think -- enlivens "Xanadu Live," which pays campy, lip-synching tribute to the so-bad-it's-great 1980 movie while satirizing it at the…

B'way Balancing Act


Broadway marked time as its overall B.O. for 27 shows rose a minuscule 0.09%, or $11,666, for a final $11,932,979. A year ago, that figure stood not much higher at $12,047,355 for 28 productions.

'Phantom' sets Teuton return


German legit producer Stella will return "The Phantom of the Opera" to the stage in Stuttgart next year. The show will follow "Cats," whose 16-month run in the city will end in June, after which it…

Review: 'Go True West'


Members of the Zoo District Theater Co. have taken a surrealistic journey through the first 20 lines of Sam Shepard's "True West," incorporated the physical comedy of silent-film star Buster Keaton…

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