B'way bounces back


Broadway rebounded nicely from the previous week's B.O. debacle, the direct result of an unusual triple whammy: Halloween, the World Series and the end of daylight savings time. The overall tally…


Review: 'Aida'


Before "Aida," Disney had proven it could take its animated films and transform them into stage successes. With "Aida," though, it established itself as a real Broadway producer, taking a troubled…

Review: 'Kiss Me, Kate'


The nights draw in early in a London winter, which is just one of many reasons why "Kiss Me, Kate" couldn't have arrived on the West End a moment too soon: Michael Blakemore's deliriously…

Review: 'Lone Star Love'


About 10 years ago, an unwieldy theatrical fusion of William Shakespeare, cowpoke humor and the Red Clay Ramblers toured parts of the Midwest under the moniker "The Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas." It…

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