Review: ‘Weights’


Lynn Manning had fantasized about losing his eyesight long before it happened, because, as an aspiring painter and a firm "believer in Murphy's Law," Manning had considered becoming blind to be the…

Closes drop B’way B.O.


The July 2 shuttering of "Dame Edna," "Footloose" and "A Moon for the Misbegotten" took its toll on Broadway's B.O., which dropped $1,287,517 -- or 9.8% -- for a final $11,764,743. The current weekly…

Review: ‘4:48 Psychosis’


An agonizing silence begins "4:48 Psychosis," the late Sarah Kane's sorrowful cri de coeur of a play, but that's nothing compared to the agonizing words that follow. In earlier plays like "Blasted"…

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