Review: 'Faith Healer'


There's a "special magnificence," we're told, to Frank Hardy, the itinerant faith healer at the shattered heart of Brian Friel's play, and so there is to a theatrical experience that becomes more…


Review: 'Paper Doll'


A cheerfully trashy master class in how to hype pulp fiction, "Paper Doll" is a slick, sardonic and highly commercial new bio-play from Mark Hampton ("Full Gallop") and Barbara J. Zitwer.

Review: 'Roadside'


With their new musical "Roadside," Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt have taken on one of the pressing issues of our day: the conflict between free-spirited cowboys and community-minded farmers.

Review: 'True Love'


Just as the ads promise, there is, indeed, a live chicken in this show. But the chicken turns out to be one of the more mundane elements in this bizarre treatise on the nature of love, which…

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