B'way Balancing Act


Broadway marked time as its overall B.O. for 27 shows rose a minuscule 0.09%, or $11,666, for a final $11,932,979. A year ago, that figure stood not much higher at $12,047,355 for 28 productions.

'Phantom' sets Teuton return


German legit producer Stella will return "The Phantom of the Opera" to the stage in Stuttgart next year. The show will follow "Cats," whose 16-month run in the city will end in June, after which it…


Review: 'Go True West'


Members of the Zoo District Theater Co. have taken a surrealistic journey through the first 20 lines of Sam Shepard's "True West," incorporated the physical comedy of silent-film star Buster Keaton…

Review: 'Pericles'


For all its tempting plot goodies -- incest, prostitution, shipwrecks, attempted murder -- "Pericles" is not one of Shakespeare's better works. The story of the great Greek warrior reads more like a…

Review: 'By Jeeves'


P.G. Wodehouse fanatics and, indeed, Anglophiles of all stripes may want to pay a visit to "By Jeeves," a winking romp that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn devised as a loving tribute to the…

Review: 'The Little Foxes'


An American-heavy year for the Donmar Warehouse comes to a peak with "The Little Foxes," the Lillian Hellman melodrama that director Marianne Elliott has refashioned into a play about moral choice…

Review: 'Proof'


David Auburn's "Proof" may be set in the cosmic, abstract world of theoretical mathematics, but it's essentially a family drama. The Seattle Repertory Theater's new production tells a plain but…

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