Review: 'Star Quality'


"Why can't people in the theater behave like ordinary human beings?" snaps Bryan Snow (Nick Fletcher), the young dramatist of a London-bound play, "Dark Heritage," that is having a rough time of it…

Review: 'South Pacific'


The only divergence from tradition in Fran and Barry Weissler's "South Pacific" is a book trimmed so drastically that the second act comes in at about 40 minutes. Otherwise, Scott Faris' lean revival…

Review: 'Noises Off'


Worry not about that seismic sound coming from the Brooks Atkinson Theater: It's nothing ominous, just the roar of a thousand people laughing themselves into fits at the sublime silliness of Michael…

'Producers' of coin


One way or the other, Mel Brooks will see the money. As a producer of "The Producers," Brooks is part of one of four general partnerships that have formed Broadway Inner Circle, which is set to…

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