Zach Galifianakis


“I don’t know exactly what alternative means,” says Zach Galifianakis. “I just play the coffee house and alternative rooms as they remind me of what comedy use to be before television arrived on the…

Maureen Cassidy


Call her crazy, but Maureen Cassidy doesn’t think landing her own sitcom represents the Holy Grail of standup comedy. “It’s such a gamble,” she says. “David Spade is really smart, because he chose to…

Maria Bamford


Audiences are “bammed” by Maria Bamford, not with a clever joke or some raw assessment of American society, but by machine gunlike mimicry of several different characters — in 0 to 30 seconds. While…

Candy Ford


With her movie-star looks, warmly ingratiating stage presence and gift for mimicry, Candy Ford hasn’t had much of a problem getting noticed. And yet in the often unforgiving world of standup, she’s…

Patton Oswalt


DVD addict. Film freak. Comic book connoisseur. Comedic Jedi master. Patton Oswalt says he’s a geek, but in actuality he’s more a guru with an abundance of comic wisdom: “Always treat the audience…

Louis C.K.


One look at Louis C.K.’s publicity still, which looks like a police mugshot, and one might glean that this is not your average, run-of-the-mill talent. Nor is this a normal person. Example: His…

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