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'Stomp' livin' large


Walden Media has partnered with film and theater producer James Stern ("The Producers"), Harriet Newman Leve ("Hedda Gabler"), and Don and Steve Kempf of Giant Screen Films ("Michael Jordan: To the…

Review: 'Moses und Aron'


Fifty years after Arnold Schoenberg's death, his unfinished, frustrated, towering masterpiece has achieved its first hearing in its composer's final hometown. Begun in 1930, abandoned in 1945 with…

Review: 'Othello'


Destruction is raised to the level of art in "Othello," and audiences couldn't ask for a more captivating creator of chaos than the Iago of Liev Schreiber, the latest and finest in this exemplary…

Review: 'No Man's Land'


"No Man's Land" occupies its own shimmering theatrical limbo, as the title of Harold Pinter's bitterly funny yet fiercely bleak play suggests. It comes as something of a surprise, then, to find…

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