Happy talk


LONDON — Nicholas Hytner times two and new plays from Patrick Marber, Sebastian Barry and Nicholas Wright are on the docket for the Royal National Theater in its 25th anniversary year on the South…

Review: ‘Race’


As a piece of scholarship and a feat of theatrical archaeology, Barry Edelstein's adaptation of Ferdinand Bruckner's "Race" for the Classic Stage Co. is an admirable achievement. Bruckner's drama was…

Review: ‘Mouth to Mouth’


If ever a play had one more narrative ruse up its sleeve than is probably good for it, Kevin Elyot's "Mouth to Mouth" is it, though there's something to be said for the ability to keep you guessing…

Review: ‘Medea’


You won't quickly forget the ending of Deborah Warner's modern-dress West End staging of "Medea," and if you're thinking infanticide, guess again. Yes, Fiona Shaw's riven and riveting anti-heroine…

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