Review: ‘Macbeth’


Two summers ago, Shakespeare & Co. artistic director Tina Packer staged an effective "Bare Bard" production of "Coriolanus" with Dan McCleary that was good enough to bring back last summer. Packer…


Review: ‘Big Shot’


Writer-actor Ben Davis recounts the improbable adventures of a callow young thespian who answers the siren call of a Hollywood "big shot" with unlimited funds, only to discover that he is being asked…

Review: ‘Dimetos’


Playwright Athol Fugard says "Dimetos" is one of his "aberrant" plays, and indeed it is. That's no doubt about why it has taken 27 years for it to receive its first full American production, on the…

Review: ‘King Lear’


The creative forces involved in this site-specific "King Lear," most of them faculty members at CalArts, deserve an unmitigated A for effort. This is a big, provocative and occasionally mesmerizing…

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