Review: 'L'Universe'


Granola goofballs the Flying Karamazov Brothers go high-tech in "L'Universe," an otherwise typically surreal, silly and sometimes inspired history of the cosmos, or rather man's historical theories…


Review: 'Wilfredo'


The Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop/Festival gloried for 17 years (1978 to 1995) in the development of new works by such modernist playwrights as Murray Mednick, Sam Shepard, John Steppling, Irene…

Review: 'Dames at Sea'


It seems an apt moment to take another look at the campy 1968 Off Broadway mini-musical "Dames at Sea," itself an affectionate spoof of '30s movie musicals. But maybe because it's no longer spoofing…

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