Crix sweet on 'Jam'


The selling power of Gotham's legit critics is about to be tested. Again. "Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam" opened Nov. 14 to upbeat reviews from the Associated Press, New York Post and Daily News as…

Review: 'Mappa Mundi'


A major performance from Alun Armstrong goes so far as to ennoble "Mappa Mundi," a decent enough but hardly inspired piece that is invigorated no end by its leading man. Nearly two decades younger…


Review: 'Lindy'


The story of a baby's abduction from a tent at the base of Ayers Rock and her mother's subsequent murder trial -- and ultimate exoneration -- is a modern Oz legend. The story was filmed in Fred…

Biz soars; 'Arms' 236g


Broadway grosses rose a significant 14.23% during Week 24 (Nov. 4-10), ending the frame with a solid $14,945,386. Gross was up $1,861,960 from last week's -- from which there was nowhere to go but up.

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