B’Way flurry of biz


The shows not only went on in true legit tradition, some of them actually sold out! Monday's blizzard turned Times Square into a ghost town, but come 8 p.m. hordes of stranded tourists and natives…

Broadway beaming


One day soon the other shoe may drop, but for now Broadway has nothing to bitch about. That terrible triptych of the economy, cold and duct tape didn't keep theatergoers from spending big time.

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Biz weathering blizzard


The "Daredevil" B.O. wasn't the only casualty of Mother Nature's splashy East Coast tour. Broadway's "Phantom of the Opera" missed a perf for just the second time in 15 years, power outages cut TV…

D.C.’s Studio expands


The explosive growth in D.C.'s regional theater scene has the Studio Theater here sitting pretty. It celebrates its 25th anniversary this season with a huge capital expansion campaign, fueled by…

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