Hot ‘Mamma’ hits


Has Broadway once again found itself in a feast-or-famine situation? Back in 1991, four shows -- "Cats," "Les Miserables," "Miss Saigon" and "The Phantom of the Opera" -- brought in 40% of all…

Review: ‘Norma’


The absence of Bellini's celebrated "Norma" from the Metropolitan Opera repertoire for more than two decades probably has more than one cause. James Levine's relative lack of enthusiasm for bel canto…

Review: ‘Private Lives’


There's scarcely a more quotable comedy in the English language than "Private Lives," so the first thing to be said about Howard Davies' glorious West End reclamation of Noel Coward's perennially…

Review: ‘Camila’


Well, here's a novel idea: Write a sultry musical about Argentina based on a historical story in which a young woman dies a tragic death and becomes a heroine of the people. "Camila," despite a juicy…

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