Review: 'Dinner'


An enormous number of wine glasses have piled up on the curved table of Rachel Blues' set by the end of "Dinner," but that's nothing compared to the numerous connections prompted by Moira Buffini's…

Review: 'Bright Ideas'


Somewhere near the top of Eric Coble's dismal "Bright Ideas," the audience is asked to believe that an otherwise functional suburban couple is so desperate to get their kid into the right preschool…

Review: 'Macbeth'


The curse of Shakespeare's most compressed tragedy surfaces once again in Edward Hall's effects-heavy and totally empty West End "Macbeth," which finds the watchably bluff Sean Bean scarcely the…

Review: 'Boy Gets Girl'


The deceptively benign title of scripter Rebecca Gilman's ("Spinning Into Butter") latest off-Broadway hit belies a fiercely gripping psychological thriller that examines the nightmarish bottom rung…

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