Review: 'Man of La Mancha'


Are a superior performance by Brian Stokes Mitchell and a mesmerizing set by Paul Brown sufficient to propel another revival of "Man of La Mancha" to success on Broadway? Backers of this $6 million…


'Song' & 'Dance' step


Impressive gains by "Dance of the Vampires" and "Flower Drum Song" buoyed Broadway's overall tally of $14,436,865 and prevented an autumn plunge. Total receipts were down a mere $248,471, or 1.66%…

Review: 'Alagazam'


Master huckster Cyrus T. Grifter (V.J. Foster) alerts us instantly in "Alagazam" that his "parade of abominations" -- freaks in a traveling medicine show -- are reflections of our own weaknesses and…

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