Review: 'Big River'


Deaf West Theater's highly praised production of "Big River" has made a lively and graceful transfer to the Mark Taper stage, and an excellent cast of speaking and signing actors capture both the…

Review: 'Rent'


For all the kudos heaped upon this rock tuner since its Off Broadway preem in early 1996, "Rent" still is hampered by its limited score and meandering, unfocused plot.


Review: 'Jesus is Magic'


Rape is the first disarming topic Sarah Silverman chats up in her too-brief monologue of non-P.C. and taboo subjects. It's more unsettling than gut-busting funny, yet it succeeds in getting the…

Review: 'The Violet Hour'


Richard Greenberg, whose career is peaking commercially with the Broadway-bound "Take Me Out," is dealing with some of his favorite themes in "The Violet Hour" -- specifically the nature of time and…

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