Review: 'La Dispute'


Marivaux is filtered through the contemporary sensibilities of translator Gideon Lester and adapter-director Anne Bogart in this new production of "La Dispute." Very chic visually, and with an almost…

Review: 'Jenufa'


The title character in Leos Janacek's "Jenufa" presents the kind of acting challenges that are frankly beyond the abilities of many opera singers. Wrenching inner transformations are communicated…


B'way soldiering on


Despite frigid weather and an orange alert over the weekend, most Broadway shows greeted February with improved box office. Throw a lousy economy into that nasty brew, and biz could almost be called…

'Perversity' perks Perry


Matthew Perry will make his professional stage debut in May toplining a London revival of "Sexual Perversity in Chicago," David Mamet's chronicle of life on the carnal warpath in 1970s Chicago.

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