Review: 'Baby'


"Baby," the 1983 tuner that takes pregnancy to full-term, is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Paper Mill. What appeared as innovative when the musical made its Broadway debut appears merely…


B'Way Easter feast


Good timing, Broadway! The Easter holiday wrestled with daylight savings time, and the bunny won. It's a tradition: The biannual clock change always creates a B.O. slump. But not this April.

Review: 'The King Stag'


Placing Carlo Gozzi's 18th century commedia dell'arte classic in a contemporary theme park may seems like a promising idea. After all, Gozzi's goofy sensibility is not that far removed from a Goofy…

Review: 'Safe in Hell'


According to Amy Freed (1998 Pulitzer finalist for "Freedomland"), "Nothing conveys stupidity better than farce," and she presents a blunt comedic view of the dangerously dense, self-righteously evil…

Review: 'Matt & Ben'


Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers' fun little supposition -- that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon literally had "Good Will Hunting" fall into their laps -- plays out in a tidy and comical fashion in its…

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