Going mainstream


After five months, the jury is still out on "Take Me Out" and whether it will make a profit. There are signs that it's finally on its way to becoming a crossover hit, but the play's slow start is…

Mackintosh: Master builder


Cameron Mackintosh, who has made a singular career out of producing shows, assumed a new mantle June 25 as the instigator of what should be the most singular physical makeover the West End has seen…

B.O. up across boards


Broadway grosses jumped up just a wink in Week 4 (June 16-22), maintaining its total from the previous week, which had four more shows reporting. With rain soaking New York, all 24 shows on the board…

Review: ‘Flow’


If rap is supposed to be the rhythm of life, then Will Power is dancing on the edge. The question is, who wants to go out there with him? Although the show is smartly constructed and given a polished…

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