Conn. gets legit bounty


A wealthy woman who gave millions anonymously to the arts over the decades has left a windfall bequest of $16 million to the arts in Connecticut. It's believed to be the largest single gift to the…

Review: ‘Little’


Scripter-thesp Angela Berliner probes the world of child stardom in what could be likened to Brittany Spears meets "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" as envisioned by Bertold Brecht. It is all style…

Short Subject


Martin Short is coming to Broadway in April. No, he's not reprising his Leo Bloom stint from "The Producers," which recently concluded at Hollywood's Pantages Theater.

Review: ‘Henry IV’


"Henry IV," Pirandello's intellectual gavotte, finds a spry playmate in its latest adapter, Tom Stoppard, whose plays often traverse the same art/life, illusion/reality axis that kept the Italian…

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