Broadway’s chapter two


With "Hairspray'' awaiting its retro crown on Tony night and Billy Joel reportedly ready to do some network warbling in support of "Movin' Out," at least two new tuners are likely to get a decent…

Women of the year


If "Hairspray" and "Take Me Out" take home the night's major prizes, the coveted Tonys for the season's best new musical and play, respectively, "Hairspray's" Margo Lion and "Take Me Out's" Carole…

Call it sibling rivalry


Small world, isn't it? No, this is not yet another item on Bernadette Peters' attendance rate at "Gypsy." In the race to the Tonys, very few people pull the strings behind the campaigns that seek to…

London stages a big comeback


When the American director Jack O'Brien arrived in England early in April to begin rehearsals for his National Theater debut, the London theater scene at large, he says, "seemed pretty dead, frankly…

Review: ‘Henry V’


Watching Nicholas Hytner's electrifying production of this most slippery of Shakespeare texts, a play that can seem rabble-rousing one minute and fiercely critical of the cost of human combat the…

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