Review: 'Engaged'


In 1877, in an independent outing sans his musical collaborator Arthur Sullivan, Victorian scribbler William S. Gilbert turned a jaundiced eye to marriage customs of the English upper classes and…


Review: 'Johnny Boy'


"Johnny Boy," an honest, beautifully written drama, should become a firm favorite with regional theaters throughout the country. Centering on a New York Jewish family during 1955's legendary…

Tennessee marches on D.C.


The Kennedy Center has a tough act to follow this summer -- itself. Two years ago Michael Kaiser, the center's artistic chief, got the D.C. mainstay back into the theater-producing business in a big…

A B'way bio binge


The late John Lennon and Jerry Springer would not appear, at first blush, to have much, if anything, in common. But they could be sharing the Broadway spotlight in the near future, as bio-tuners…

B.O. off; 'Beauty' 637g


Broadway grosses dropped 7.2% to $15,843,640 during Week 48 (April 19-25), with attendance down 5.6% to 248,935. The number of shows declined from 33 to 31 after "King Lear" and "Barbara Cook's…

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