Review: 'The Royal Family'


An inconsistent production that sags in the first act, Tom Moore's staging of "The Royal Family" allows the hyperkinetic activity in the Cavendish household to flow rather than explode. Moore's…

Review: 'Match'


Can you imagine trying to knit a sweater with no yarn? An analogous process is taking place nightly at the Plymouth Theater, as Frank Langella valiantly attempts to conjure an evening's entertainment…


Review: 'Higher Ground'


Scripter-thesp John Cochran Jr. (Warden Christie on "Monk") has concocted three intriguing slice-of-life vignettes, all set on an elevated picnic area in a city park. Cochran's agenda is to offer a…

Review: 'Dreamland'


Scripter-thesp Jhon Doria can't decide what kind of legiter he is trying to create. Within the space of 60 minutes he segues from a futuristic "Traffic"-like smuggling caper, to a hard-boiled…

B'way B.O. sets record


Hugh Jackman took a vacation, three shows started previews, and nearly everybody else saw a dip at the Broadway box office last week. Thirty shows brought in a record-setting $15,195,049, a slight…

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