Jude Law


Like the aerial buckaroo he plays in Paramount's upcoming "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," Jude Law is flying loops around the careers of most stars his age.

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Tentpole teeter-totter


Jack Valenti's final state-of-the-industry address came laden with mounting dollar signs.Production expenditures by Hollywood majors rose 9% to an average $63.8 million last year, and the studios…

Jack Black


A reporter's worst fear when conducting an interview is to lose complete control of one's subject. But when that subject is Jack Black, even if he's laughing at you, you're usually laughing too.

Preem screens


Americans are famous for their penchant for all things bigger and better. So why is it that luxury cinemas are staples overseas but have made little headway Stateside? Only a dozen U.S. theaters…

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