Review: ‘The Mandate’


Those wanting a casebook example of how farce sometimes freezes on the tongue owe themselves a visit to the National Theater, now hosting the only production of Nikolai Erdman's "The Mandate" likely…

Donmar’s grand plan


Amid the big three musicals ("The Woman in White," "The Producers" and the imminent "Mary Poppins") that have dominated London legit talk all season, spare a thought for a small-scale production…

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Raiding the boards


It's becoming a biannual event. Around Christmas, a big Broadway musical gives birth to a long-in-the-works celluloid doppelganger that stands to goose the legit box office. Or just possibly, to hurt…


Review: ‘The Chairs’


It's not just the black metal folding chairs that fill the stage at BAM that mark this limited run of Ionesco's drastically reimagined 1952 "tragic farce." It's the words: words falling from a flurry…

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