Jerry Forman


As part of the celebration of ShoWest turning 30 this week, one of the confab's original founders, Jerry Forman, will receive the first Founders Award.

Summer sneaks


ShoWest after the Oscars means different points of emphasis in this 30th edition. The only constant will be the usual mix of restless execs confronted by exhibitors, sampling studio sneaks, scarfing…

Nancy Meyers


When fiftysomething playwright Erica Barry falls in love in Nancy Meyers' smash romantic comedy, "Something's Gotta Give," she's in uncharted waters. Harry's a lousy risk, a perennial playboy who has…

Jude Law


Like the aerial buckaroo he plays in Paramount's upcoming "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," Jude Law is flying loops around the careers of most stars his age.

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