Jack Valenti


After nearly four decades as Hollywood's leading man in Washington, Motion Picture Assn. of America chieftain Jack Valenti says he's proud he has simply survived this long at the cutthroat crossroads…

Ryan Gosling


After having played a Jewish skinhead and two teenage murderers, Ryan Gosling doesn't see himself as a star. As a child he had no desire to act, but at 13, he left his small Canadian hometown to…

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is on the phone from London, sounding very down-to-earth, whimsical even -- in sharp contrast to some of the more literary characters she has played, such as the suicidal writer…

Halle Berry


Since her Oscar win for "Monster's Ball," Halle Berry hasn't exactly taken the heavy drama route. Instead, her career has been marked by ass-kicking women with names like Jinx, Storm and Patience…

A roll of the dice


In the hyphenated world of Hollywood, the annual ShoWest gathering fits right in: part trade show, part schmooze fest, part old-school red-carpet gala. The four-day Vegas confab of exhibs and…

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