Review: 'Belle Epoque'


Martha Clarke's best known dance-theater works have used predominantly visual means to conjure the imagery of great painters. Her muddled new piece, "Belle Epoque," lushly evokes the prostitutes…


Review: 'La Boheme'


The words "La Boheme" are box office gold for virtually every opera company; all you have to do is announce the title and the people will come. It's thus very tempting for a company to leave the…

Review: 'Fresh Kills'


There's a potent enough situation but not much of a play in "Fresh Kills," the new Royal Court offering that, title notwithstanding, seems almost completely stale. American scribe Elyzabeth Gregory…

Primed for prizes


Strands: The theater trophy season got under way with the Nov. 17 short list for the awards handed out by the Evening Standard newspaper. The annual kudos will be presented in a lunchtime ceremony…

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