Review: ‘Aida’


Without "Aida" in its repertory, no opera company can long endure. Verdi's pyramidal blockbuster is the supreme entertainment package: stage spectacle, soaring tunes (including a grand, soggy weep as…

Review: ‘The Overcoat’


"The Overcoat" is an object lesson in the importance of self-worth, personal expression and good grooming -- after a fashion. In the American preem of a Canadian Equity-approved import, poised for a…

Review: ‘Nutcracker’


This 10th-anniversary production finds CoisCeim, Ireland's leading contemporary dance company, in strong populist form, even if it lacks the boldness and originality of choreographer David Bolger's…

Review: ‘The Rivals’


What are the right words for the Huntington's take on that Restoration comedy of knotty love and mangled language, "The Rivals?" A pineapple of a production? An absolute gem? Brilliantly lexicuted?

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