Review: ‘Dumb Show’


Douglas Hodge is all teeth in Joe Penhall's latest play, "Dumb Show," which only redoubles the wish for more bite in the writing. Playing Barry, a down-on-his-luck comic entertainer and TV name…

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Review: ‘Trying’


The uncharacteristic sprightliness with which the less-than-spry matinee crowd stood to applaud at the end of "Trying" gives some indication of how profoundly the play's themes connect with that aud…

Review: ‘Waxwings’


Seattle-based British writer Jonathan Raban's latest novel, "Waxwings," has been called Dickensian by more than one admiring reviewer. A social comedy set in the city's dot-com heyday, it closely…

Review: ‘Whores’


New Jersey Repertory Company opens a new season with "Whores," Lee Blessing's political satire inspired by the 1989 murder in El Salvador of three nuns and a Catholic lay worker. But Blessing crowds…

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