Review: ‘Reckless’


A beguiling oddball of a comedy about a serenely flaky Alice, who silently absorbs the bruises of loss and suffering as she careens through a surreal, nightmarish Wonderland, "Reckless" might not be…

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Kudos for casting


The Casting Society of America announced the winners of the 20th annual Artios Awards on Tuesday, honoring the achievements of casting directors in film, television, and theater.

Review: ‘Dumb Show’


Douglas Hodge is all teeth in Joe Penhall's latest play, "Dumb Show," which only redoubles the wish for more bite in the writing. Playing Barry, a down-on-his-luck comic entertainer and TV name…

Review: ‘Trying’


The uncharacteristic sprightliness with which the less-than-spry matinee crowd stood to applaud at the end of "Trying" gives some indication of how profoundly the play's themes connect with that aud…

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