Review: 'Paris on the Platte'


Like the political atmosphere in America today, where the facade of moral righteousness is used to marginalize the human and ecological toll of our empire, so the City Beautiful movement of the late…

Review: 'Alice'


Is there a more off-putting marketing ploy than the phrase, "Fun for children of all ages?" One of the innumerable beauties of "Alice," Giorgio Madia's new work based on Lewis Carroll's classic…


Review: 'On the Town'


They've forgotten to turn on the lights in the English National Opera's perverse new staging of "On the Town," a musical about an impossibly buoyant and liberating day on the loose in the Big Apple…

'Armless' gets legs


Noises Off: Rattlestick kicked off its 2004-05 season with the memorably, extravagantly scatological "Noble Finer Gases" by Adam Rapp. The company's next one, "God Hates the Irish: The Ballad of…

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