Ruhl's cleaning 'House'


Call it Sarah Ruhl's wild ride through the nation's capital. As SRO auds greet playwright Ruhl's "The Clean House" at Woolly Mammoth Theater here, D.C.'s Arena Stage is readying her latest effort, an…

Biz down; 'Mamma' 992g


Road grosses fell $1,934,855 in Week 9 (July 25-31) to $9,774,894. Downtick was due to the layoff for "Les Miserables" and grosses in the $300,000s for "Little Shop of Horrors," "On the Record" and…

Man with a 'Plan'


Strands: "The American Plan," Richard Greenberg's play about ambivalent sexuality and the gentile/Jewish divide, is planning a November opening on the West End. That would mark the London commercial…

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