Plump ‘Pillow’ pays off


Martin McDonagh's creepy play "The Pillowman" isn't just dark, it's black. In the black, that is: Producers announced that the show recouped its $2.2 million investment during the week of Aug. 15-21…

Holiday pinches Broadway


How bad was the post-Labor Day plunge? Biz wasn't good, but Broadway has seen worse B.O. in recent Septembers. Box office fell 36% after Labor Day 2002 and 30% in 2003. Last week, the damage came to…


N.Y.’s stage managers


On HBO's "Entourage," pizza-boy-turned-manager Eric (Kevin Connolly) was asked the existential question: "What's the difference between agents and managers?" He finally answered, "The manager is the…

Division of labor


For the first time this year, the Dublin Fringe Festival and Dublin Theater Festival are running separately over a combined span of five weeks, rather than overlapping in October after an initial…

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