Review: 'Lessons'


Hal Linden is an actor with tremendous audience rapport. When he delivers a line defining Jews as three things, "circumcision, a love of deli and a bar mitzvah," his warm persona fills in the blanks…

Review: 'Sisters'


As she has throughout her illustrious career, Anna Manahan continues to create definitive stage characterizations for Ireland's greatest writers. Now, at 82, after interpreting the words of Sean…

B.O. sapped by heat


Heat waves sometimes send people running into air-conditioned movie theaters. However, the sudden urge to get cool didn't help Broadway's box office in Week 8 (July 18-24). Instead of continuing its…

Review: 'Scapin'


The Odyssey Theater celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new version of a play close to its commedia dell'arte roots. The Ottawa institution has been widely acclaimed for its stylish interpretation…

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