Review: ‘The Man Himself’


Capturing these details in the life of one man -- a parts manager for an electronics company in southwest Denver -- Alan Drury's localized adaptation of his work "The Man Himself" (a longtime staple…

Leigh legiter hooks London


The hottest ticket in London this fall is also the most mysterious: Mike Leigh's new play, which opens in repertory at the National Theater's Cottesloe auditorium Sept. 15 and so far has no name. (A…


Barrington breaks out


For most of its 11-year history, Barrington Stage was the little theater at the southern-most edge of the Berkshires, presenting most of its productions in a high school auditorium.

‘Merry’ music men


Robert B. Sherman is 80 and Richard M. Sherman is 77. So better late than never. With their adaptations of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" on the boards and "Mary Poppins" due next season, the songwriting…

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