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Down to business


Despite Vegas distractions this week including a NASCAR race and the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, as well as its own Hollywood glitz quotient, ShoWest remains an event at which serious…

B’way hits and myths


The myth of the monster hit will not die. It goes like this: A new tuner comes to town bloated with rave reviews from the West End, Chi or beyond. Puffed up by the press, the advance soars to $10…

Sleeping in Seattle


Word that the worst of an economic storm had blown over spread warmly around the table at a 2003 meeting of national theater managers -- until it reached the reps from Seattle.

Review: ‘The Dresser’


Time hasn't been particularly kind to Ronald Harwood's 1980 play "The Dresser," but chances are you won't notice when stars Julian Glover and, especially, Nicholas Lyndhurst are center-stage. The…

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